Quality is the by-product of a dedication and daily commitment to excellence.

We only manufacture U.S. made medical devices with real surgeon input and understand that cosmetics, dimensional conformity and cleanliness are paramount to ensure that finished products are safe and effective.  This understanding guides every key business decision.  The following principles are core to the creation and management of our Quality Management System (QMS):

  • Design & maintain a facility geared toward controlling cleanliness and efficiency.
  • Provide the best manufacturing & inspection equipment and control by organizing in cells dedicated to specific processes.
  • Hire the best people and train them to excel within the guidelines of our QMS while always considering the importance of product requirements & cleanliness.

Our facility is FDA Registered and ISO 13485 certified and ready to be your manufacturing partner.  More importantly, our team are craftsmen and good people who take extreme pride in our facility and work.  Come visit and audit and you'll see why partnering with JBH Innovation is a win-win for your surgeons, customers, and businesses.

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